Private collection of custom rods

This is the private collection of a customer who requested the rods you see above.

The collection consists of two 130 pound class five laminate rods [bamboo and wood]

Calfskin foregrips and high roller guides. Diamond wrap in red , gold, black.

The third rod is an 80 pound class solid bamboo in the quadrate shape with vintage Stuart roller guides.

It’s most rewarding to create a custom rod with the specific ideas, color and function of the rod for an angler.

You may contact us for more information.

Hickory big game fishing rods

The HICKORY BIG GAME rods are scarce. These massive rods are approximately one inch to an inch and a half in diameter at the foregrip, and are close to seven feet long.

Very stout and strong rods . Hickory was one of the choice woods for these massive rods. Greenheart was also common.

These rods are magnificent examples of the early days of big game fishing.

If you find one I suggest you acquire it, and if you wish to sell one, please contact us.

Tycoon Tackle Bimini King restoration

This Bimini King rod by Tycoon Tackle of Miami, was completely restored to its original standard.
The rod was completely striped, the grip was redone with felt, and straight bridge guides were wrapped in green and gold colors.
This is a dedicated rod. The inscription is written were the diamond wrap would have been placed. So the classic diamond wrap was not done. As well the rod was broken off at the tip, so the rod only has four guides and a tip top

Bimini King rod restoration

The Bimini King rod, was the “flagship” rod of the line of fishing rods made by Tycoon Tackle Inc. of Miami Florida.

The Bimini King rod gave the big game angler the opportunity to handle the biggest of the fish, such as Marlin and Tuna. Many world records were caught on these rods.

The rod consisted of a laminate structure of Snake wood, Hickory and Tonkin cane. The massive rod was paired with roller guides, or standard bridge guides. Bonze chromed reel seat and gimbal. The wood butt was crafted of white Hickory and was available in straight or curved butt.

This rod was distributed by the Ashway company in collaboration with Tycoon Tackle.

The rod underwent a complete restoration. Contact us about your restoration project.

Plyflex big game rods


The Plyflex Rods were manufactured by Sportsman Accessories, INC, 8 Chatham Square. NY 2 1947.

The rods displayed here consist of a set of four rods. Two in the 130 class and the other two in the 100 pound class.

The rods had been stored for many years, and had deteriorated greatly with severe accumulation of dried old varnish.

The restoration entailed cleaning the rods and hardware, while trying to preserve as much as possible of the original components.

It was a very tedious job requiring both manual and chemical removal of the dried varnish. Care was taken not to damage whatever was left of the original labels on the rods. 

Once the rods were cleaned and polished, the luster of the laminated wood structure of the rods became visible. The components were replaced, guides wrapped in the original colors of yellow and red. 

One Wooden butt was completely broken thus a new one was turned and color matched.

The grips were salvaged and treated with several coats of wax.

There are few  examples of the Plyflex rods, some smaller bamboo rods and some fiberglass. But not much else is available.

If you have any further information regarding these rods, please contact us.

Abercrombie and Fitch restoration

This is an Abercrombie and Fitch hickory rod, approximately 6 feet long. It has a beautiful dark Walnut butt without a gimbal.

Notice the unique double nut on the reel seat.

The rod was completely deconstructed and fitted with foulproof guides and distinctive red and green wraps, and finished  with clear urethane



Bill Fagen’s Bimini King rod


I was very fortunate to acquire this Bimini King rod. The name on it is Bill Fagen.

Captain  Fagen was a legendary figure in the formative years of big game fishing.

He fished out of Florida and the Bahamas. Bill stablished himself as an innovative captain, contributing to many new techniques used in big game fishing.

His legendary boat Florida Cracker is iconic and reminds us of the years when the sport was just getting started. Who knows what stories this rod could tell.

The preservation of this rod is imperative. It must be kept in a relative dry environment, with no extended exposure to sunlight. A periodic cleaning with a dry cloth and at least once a year a coat of a high grade wood wax.

A treasure to own.

Old timers


These old timers are very desirable. They display beautifully in a fishing tackle display. They date back to the 1800’s

Most were made of hickory wood, although some were greenheart wood

The maintenance of these rods is very simple . Every six months give them a good wax coating and watch them come to life. Besides it keeps the wood moist and inhibits mildew growth.

Remember these rods are  the precursors of the big game fishing rods.