Plyflex big game rods


The Plyflex Rods were manufactured by Sportsman Accessories, INC, 8 Chatham Square. NY 2 1947.

The rods displayed here consist of a set of four rods. Two in the 130 class and the other two in the 100 pound class.

The rods had been stored for many years, and had deteriorated greatly with severe accumulation of dried old varnish.

The restoration entailed cleaning the rods and hardware, while trying to preserve as much as possible of the original components.

It was a very tedious job requiring both manual and chemical removal of the dried varnish. Care was taken not to damage whatever was left of the original labels on the rods. 

Once the rods were cleaned and polished, the luster of the laminated wood structure of the rods became visible. The components were replaced, guides wrapped in the original colors of yellow and red. 

One Wooden butt was completely broken thus a new one was turned and color matched.

The grips were salvaged and treated with several coats of wax.

There are few  examples of the Plyflex rods, some smaller bamboo rods and some fiberglass. But not much else is available.

If you have any further information regarding these rods, please contact us.