About the Artist

I have been collecting vintage big game fishing tackle for over twenty years. I decided to create a Webb site were fellow collectors would be able to see how these beautiful vintage fishing rods of years gone by could be brought back to a condition that would ensure their beauty, vintage look and heritage is preserved for years to come.

I make sure that a rod that I preserve and restore maintains its originality without making it look brand new.

Rods may be partially or completely restored depending on the condition of the rod and the wishes of the owner. I try to preserve all the pertinent identification markers of the rod such as names of previous owners and or manufacture’s inscriptions, hardware, wrappings ETC.

Original wrapping colors or the owners choice are meticulously applied

without applying excessive varnish and never flex coat or other high build finishes.

A complete restoration may take up to four weeks or more depending on the condition of the bamboo or wood. Sometimes rods exhibit such a set that it takes some time in the steamer to re train the wood and straighten the rod.

Its a pleasure and a joy to restore and bring back to life a magnificent piece of angling history.

I also make custom one of a kind rods out of bamboo, hickory or multiple wood laminate depending on the what the collector is looking for.

Enjoy my Webb page and hope to be in touch soon!


Joe Castillo