The Bimini King bent butt

I get asked about the bent butt seen in some big game rods.

A lot of the vintage rods in the 130 pound class show this particular butt.

New rods also may be equipped a  with bent butt, if the angler wants it.

The purpose of these butt is supposed to give the angler more pulling power.

In the Bimini King case, the butt is made of laminated 1/4 ” strips of hickory and shaped to form.

The angle of the curve varies in many case they are about 35 degrees and more. So there is a range of angles to be applied to the butt.

I am showing how I make the bent butt.

Bimini King bent butt

Steps taken to make a custom bent butt for a Bimini King rod
Steps taken in making a Bimini King rod bent butt

Edward vom Hofe number 7 rod restoration

This is a number 7 EVH big game rod. The rod had a massive set. 

The set was partially corrected by steaming the Hickory blank and then strapping it to a straight metal structure and allowed to bake in the sunshine of Florida for about four weeks!

It finally straightened  to about 90% .

The hickory was sanded down to 1000 grit sand paper and then given several coats of shellac and varnish.

It was wrapped in the original thread colors of burgundy and black thread.

The Nickle silver parts were polished.

Restoration of a Bimini King rod

The owner of this Bimini King rod was not pleased with the colors used to wrap the rod. The rod was originally wrapped in light blue and white thread.

The rod was completely stripped  and restored, paying close attention to the dark discoloration or ghosting on the rod.  The colors chosen by the owner  was a combination of Burgundy, Black and Gold. 

Unfortunately the rod only had four guides and a tip. In the future if another guide becomes available it would be added to the rod.

The restoration made a big difference on the looks of this rod.